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Global Affairs Scholar and Consultant

About Julius Nyang’oro

Julius Nyang'oroAs a consultant on global politics, security affairs, and international development for Global Growth Advisors, Julius Nyang’oro builds on a distinguished career in academia and world affairs. He served for more than 27 years on the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he chaired the Department of African and Afro-American Studies for close to 20 years. A member of numerous university boards and committees, Julius Nyang’oro shared his expertise as a member of the University Speakers Bureau for close to 20 years.

Julius Nyang’oro has accepted invitations to lecture at more than 25 prominent universities, including Yale University and the University of Zimbabwe. He has offered commentary on public radio stations across the world and is an experienced advisor to both government and nongovernment agencies.

Julius Nyang’oro now balances his service to Global Growth Advisors with consultancy work for Development Alternatives Incorporated’s Trans-Saharan Security program and the Kenyan human rights organization Akiba Uhaki. He remains actively involved in academia as an adjunct faculty member at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, located in Washington, DC.


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