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African Studies Association

A former professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Julius Nyang’oro became an advisor at Global Growth Advisors in New York City in 2012. In this position, he advises clients on the political economy of African countries. Julius Nyang’oro also belongs to the African Studies Association (ASA).

Founded in 1957, the ASA strives to further the exchange of information pertaining to Africa. In addition, the organization publishes research about Africa, fosters networking relationships of African scholars and practitioners, and promotes a better understanding of the country.

To connect with its more than 2,000 worldwide members, the ASA hosts an annual conference for members to share ideas. The 2016 conference, scheduled for December 1-3 in Washington, DC, is the organization’s 59th event. The theme of the event is Imagining Africa at the Center: Bridging Scholarship, Policy, and Representation in African Studies, and all areas of the conference focus on popular perceptions of the country in regards to advertisements, political rhetoric, and history. Billed as the largest gathering of Africanist scholars, the conference features roundtable discussions, keynote speakers, an awards ceremony, and an international exhibit hall.